Writer & Photographer

Linsey Rendell is an Australian writer and photographer in a constant state
of unrest.

When she’s not producing travel features, she tells stories about food, natural wine, farming and culture, often pertaining to the environment, equality and social change.

She is editor of Scrag End and her work has been published in Monocle, Openhouse, The Guardian, Broadsheet, Peppermint, ABC, Assemble Papers, Gourmet Traveller WINE, delicious., Pipette, and books Farmlife, Monocle Travel Guide to Melbourne, Broadsheet Melbourne Food and Melbourne Precincts.

Linsey is currently living and travelling between the UK and France, while producing work for publications and clients back home and abroad.
Selected Articles

︎ Exploring Resilient Water Futures

︎ Issue 50: High Steaks — exploring whether meat can ever be planet-friendly, in the context of Australia
︎ Issue 48: Fair Food Future — exploring food (in)security and food justice in Australia
︎︎ Sustainable Travel Guide to Paris

Assemble Papers
︎︎ Firminy: A Corbusian Commune

Space & Process
︎︎ Cécile Daladier, Ceramicist

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