Writer & Editor

I’m a freelance writer, editor, and researcher exploring intersections of architecture, design, ecologies, economies, and social change.

I spend my time researching, imagining, writing, listening, learning, unlearning, and gardening — to design ways of being and becoming that are gentler for people and the earth.

Previously, I worked as a writer & editor with rearc institute, an emerging philanthropic initiative realising architectures of planetary well-being; as contributing editor at SPACE10, a research and design lab on a mission to create a better everyday life for people and the planet; and as content editor with Planetary Praxis, an interdisciplinary research group investigating social, digital and environmental justice.

Research and reading are central to my practice, as are conversations — with architects, designers, creatives, farmers and troublemakers imagining possible futures shaped by decolonial feminisms, economies of care, radical urbanism, and Indigenous sovereignty. Futures where nature has rights, community is a practice, and the story of how we live is a story of the land and waters.

on Country

While I currently reside far from home, I acknowledge the First Peoples of the lands and waters that raised me, and their enduring connection to Country. I offer my respects to Elders and stand with community in actioning truth-telling and land back. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples hold 120,000 years of traditions, culture, patterns of knowledge, and stories.